You’re still my No.1

must haves

Nars cosmetic

Tarte cosmetic

For the past two years I’ve been trying out different product combinations that will give me that coveted flawless, and natural look.  After many trial and error combos, these three give the best results.

I love the weightless full coverage of the Makeup Forever MAT Velvet Foundation gives me. I have acne prone skin, and this is the only foundation I’ve tried that won’t worsen my already existing breakouts, or cause new ones. This is definitely a must try.

The NARS bronzer in Laguna shade, is perfect for contouring and adding a flush of color to your face without looking over done.  While I was buying it, the girl at the checkout told me that they sell this product very much all thanks to Kim Kardashian. So, I guess thanks Kim? on making this bronzer famous?

Now on to the next one, let’s talk eyebrows. This brow pencil is my absolute favorite. I’ve tried so many different methods, but this right here is my golden ticket for perfect brows.
*Tip: If you have dark hair that doesn’t mean you have to have really dark brows. I recommend using a dark blonde or light brown vs. a dark brown or black to fill them in for a more natural look. As for this particular brand, TARTE  the Taupe shade is best for almost everyone.

In this photo I used all three products listed above for a contributor photoshoot for a magazine I worked at.  The only thing that has been edited is the back ground. My face is completely untouched. This makeup is pure magic!

399882_10151626401637780_1829537557_nUntil next time…





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