My little half-pony

One morning, I was rushing to get to work. As I looked in the mirror I thought to myself, “What am I going to do with my hair?”, I had fallen asleep with a braid, and it wasn’t exactly the #Iwokeuplikethis perfect hair that the beauty gurus on Refinery 29 said it would be. In all fairness, I probably didn’t do it right… Anyway, I was stuck with weird choppy waves. Naturally, picked up my hair in a ponytail, but it wasn’t quite right. Then in the midst of my frustration, I remembered that one time I was on pinterest for hours, and I came across this quick and cute way to use bobby pins.  I opted for simple, yet stylish triangle. I picked up my hair into a half-ponytail and began putting the bobby pins in their triangular place. The end result, was just what I was looking for. I received many compliments that day on my 2 minute hair do, and it’s now a favorite amongst my lazy girl hair repertoire.

photo(5)Excuse the scraggly ends, I was running late.


I’ll be posting up my favorite on-the-go hair products very soon.

Until next time…




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