What I Wore

What I Wore


I recently went on a family trip to Cancun,¬† and while packing my suitcase I always prepare myself for any scenario. By the time I got to my destination, I realized I basically brought the same outfit with slightly different variations. If I could sum it up into two words, they would be: simple and comfortable, without ever falling short of stylish of course. Unfortunately, throughout the duration of my trip I didn’t take as many #ootd photos as I would’ve liked, but I did take this one photo of my complete outfit. Totally not the best photo, sorry
I call it The Simple Solid Traveler. Just kidding, no I don’t, but I thought I’d give it a name…

Until next time…



Outfit details:

  • Topshop¬† black tank
  • ASOS red-orange wannabe birkenstocks
  • Micheal Kors navy blue crossbody bag
  • Rayban Polarized Clubmaster